A website is a complex thing. It has to work on many levels. It needs to be attractive. It should be easy to use. It must get your message to the user. It would be adviseable that it works on all browsers and devices. But even more than that, it’s imperative that it be a profitable tool for your company.

DC understands that business owners have absolutley no interest in a pretty website that doesn’t make them any money. It’s a luxury that 99% of companies can not afford. A DC website is joint effort (but you don’t get paid, right!!). DC like to work very closely with the client to find out as much about their business as possible, so that the finished result has a clear agenda and message that customers will react to and hopefully pay for.

Oh, and with regards to pretty websites, we make em’ real pretty!!!
The first step is discussion. We must gain a clear understanding of what your looking for. Even if your not sure yet, we can do that together. Then a proposal is drawn up with an accurate quotation. Once everyone is happy we get our hands dirty (this is meant figuratively as designers are generally clean people who smell nice).

Design proposals are sent across to yourself and you can decide what you like best and from there we refine until your 100% happy with the general look and feel of the site. DC will then design out every page of the site so you can get a strong sense of how the site will look and function. When we have your approval we‘ll start building the site to completion. The site will then be hosted on a test server where you and I can both do the final checks before setting your new spanking website loose on the general public. God speed!

I bet you think we charge a fortune! Well . . . you’re wrong!

We provide bespoke, high quality websites and exceptional service at a very reasonable price. DC caters to everyday businesses, not multi million pound conglomerates. Our prices are reflective of the work and ambition of each project respectively and for that reason we can’t publish standard prices for you, but if you pushed me really, really hard, I’d say website prices can range from £750 to £10k. Does that help you? Probably not!

Whatever your project, choose a company that will take the time and effort to understand you and your business. Choose a company that refuses to indulge in the ‘average’. Choose a company that explain things to you without using web jargon, so that you can make decisions based on all the facts at hand. Choose a company that fully intends to be with you for the long haul so that whenever you decide to revamp your site in the future, you’ll call them without hesitation because they are the company that was there from the start, guided you through the process and have continued to be there for all your website’s needs.

Just in case you’re still not sure, that company is Dante Creative! Yes, in that last paragraph, I was talking about Dante Creative. I was basically advsing you that DC is the right company for you. (Despite the awfully dry sense of humour).

Our customers are always made to fee special. The customer comes first and show that by learning to work around your busy schedule. If 9-5 doesn’t suit you, that’s no problem, we’ll be at hand whenever suits you . . .

We’re proud of our ability to create website which encompass the look, feel and function of your business. We believe your website should match you and everything about your business. A true bespoke website is within your reach . . .

Despite the domination of the digital world, most of us still need to put our business into the hands of our customers. From strong business stationery to dazzling promotional material and everything in between . . .